Beata Justkowiak

Beata Justkowiak founder of Fit Chill Out

Live Your Life by Design

Hi, I’m Beata, life coach, psychologist, ex-athlete and wanderlust curator.

I’m not your shrink, I’m not super flexible yogi either but I am probably the most energetic psychologist you ever met, breaking the rules and taking psychology out of the therapy room, as I know how practical both psychology and coaching are.

I believe everyone has the power to live life the way they want, and there’s no rule that says you’ve gotta figure this out on your own or in a therapy room.

These days I help women create change in their live through individual life-coaching and mind-body experiences, events, and retreats, but things weren’t always this clear…

For years I was in an endless cycle of starting and stopping... never moving forward, until I realized that all my efforts wouldn’t work unless I proactively created a time and place to reconnect and dive into my true self.

Once I did that I was able to look in the mirror and smile at the confident and authentic lady I saw there. Achieving what I wanted and needed has never been as joyful and simple as it is now.

I want this for you too, and that's why I created Energising Goals and FitChillOut Retreats.

When you step away for just a short time to focus on your fitness, mindset and YOU... you can turn things around fast.

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Did you go for Yoga Retreat and felt something was missing?

What’s my MAGIC?

Taking PSYCHOLOGY out of therapy room,

mixing it with with LIFE COACHING and showing how useful and easy the practical psychology is.

I’m here to make the change happen.

The change starts during the Retreat but with follow up tools from practical psychology I’ve designed for you,

it will last much longer becoming a lifestyle journey you always wanted.


Connect with me and see how I’m designing my life

Beata Justkowiak founder of Fit Chill Out

I’m here to change the way we think, work, exercise and live