Bintan Fit Chill Out Retreat
Fit Chill Out Retreat in Batam

With only a 55 minutes journey from Singapore, Bintan is the perfect "quick" escape that takes you to a lush and tropical island. We'll have a small group, 6-12 people so that we can really gain each others trust, come together as a community.

Over the three days you'll work on the three stages: Self-Discovery, Mindfulness and Managing Discomfort. 

Join us to  take the next step in your journey where we will train your Mind and Body with these 2 activities:

- Life Coaching 

- Yoga

You will learn how to have guilt free you-time, how to slow down, relax and scratch the surface of the Conscious Living concept.

We'll talk about managing emotions, processes of change, learning the way of everyday mindfulness amongst other things.

Group classes

Group classes

What's included

  • 2 nights in 2-beds room

  • Breakfast on Saturday & Sunday

  • Pick up and drop off - Ferry Terminal Bintan

  • 4 group classes of Yoga

  • 3 group mind trainings - Coaching workshops

Nirwana Resort Hotel in Bintan

Nirwana Resort Hotel in Bintan


Think beautifully tropical resort, swimming pool and beach to watch the sunset from. You can truly give yourself well deserved guilt free me-time.  

Accommodation in double room, twin-bed is included, however if' you’d like to have king size bed for yourself we totally understand, drop us a message and we will make it happen.

  • Shared 2-bed room - 660 SGD per person

  • Private 1-bed room (king size bed is all yours) - 800 SGD



23 - 25 November 2018 - Bintan

Join us for this intimate 3 day retreat where your mind and body will train together to inspire, realign your goals and get your mind buzzing full of life. 

Coaching Workshop:

Day 1 Rediscovering needs

We'll introduce you the method 'the Wheel of Life' where you'll discover and understand the obstacles and stoppers that stand in your way to a happy and fulfilled life. Digging deeper into your expectations you will bring back the focus and clarity, which in turn will make it easier to work on your goals in the near future.

Day 2 Positive thinking Trap

On day 2 we'll experience Mindfulness practice by directing our attention inward to see the difference in the quality of everyday life. We'll tackle the myth about positive thinking explore other ways of managing daily ups and downs by bringing awareness and curiosity into here and now.

Day 3 Discomfort & emotions

Third day is very special, as we'll learn to be and live with discomfort. Being able to control the chaos of overwhelming and never ending thoughts and feelings is the key to living the life you want. You will get in touch with your needs and unleash the power of inner resources creating your very own rules of reacting to discomfort.


See how we planned your 3 - days in Bintan:

Friday – day 1

pick up from Ferry terminal

check in from 3pm


evening hatha yoga

Saturday – day 2

morning hatha yoga



evening yin yoga

Sunday – day 3

morning yin yoga


check out at 12

chillout time

Class Length

Coaching sessions 60-90 minutes (3 sessions)

Yoga classes 60-90 minutes (4 sessions)

Yoga - Hatha Flow

Begin the day by the energising practice of asana flow. In this class you will be gently guided through the sequence of standing and sited postures and holding some of them for up to 5-8 breaths. The practice will awake your body and settle your mind to prepare you for the coaching sessions following during the day. The class will include elements of pranayama (breathing techniques).

Yoga - Yin Yoga

Finish the long day with a session of grounding yin yoga. In the yin class asanas are being hold for 3-5 minutes which encourages the stretch of the deeper and solid tissues in the body. The practice is calming and relaxing and will include the elements of mindfulness meditation and body scanning. This class will prepare your mind and body for a deep good sleep.


Yoga class Fit Chill Out Retreat

You are the boss so Chill Out

You can dive-in and chill in the swimming pool, catch up on reading books or simply work on your suntan as much as you like. Taking advantage of the extra options you can indulge yourself with massage in the SPA (oooh yes, we do recommend it!) or spend time on the beach. Just make sure you don’t plan too much, remember it’s time to chill and do nothing.


Accomodation info

Nirwana Resort Hotel is a place where tropical atmosphere is all around. With its private beach and SPA you can truly give yourself well deserved guilt free me-time.  Accommodation in double room, twin-bed. If you'd rather have your own king size bed for yourself, we totally understand it, just let us know and we will make it happen (extra $).

Check-in from 3pm

Check-out until 12nn

Group size

We will have relatively small group from 6 to 12 people. It’s not a mass event. It’s a life changing experience for those who love themselves, who are ready to train and transform their mind-set.


660 SGD/ person (2-bed room)

800 SGD/ person (1-bed room)

We ask for 30% non-refundable deposit on booking and then the remaining amount within a month of retreat date.

Marta Magdalena Yoga


Marta Magdalena

Marta, educated as architect and interior designer, begun her journey with yoga and meditation already as a college student, over 15 years ago. Through all that years, she has been consequently following the path of yoga which made her discover the various techniques of asana practice; from the grounding styles of iyengar and yin yoga, through the dynamic methods of vinyasa, all the way towards the disciplined practice of ashtanga yoga.

Passionate about human mind and body, she never stops learning and she loves sharing her knowledge and experience with the students.

Marta is one of very few yoga Teachers in Singapore holding the prestigious title of KPJAYI Authorized Ashtanga Yoga Teacher.

Beata Justkowiak Coaching


Beata Justkowiak

Former athlete, professional Psychologist and Life Coach felt the need to create a space that was not only energising and lifting for the mind, but also the body. Founder of Fit Chill Out Retreats.

Beata has a penchant for dark chocolate, a good belly laugh and thought provoking conversations. She moved from Poland to Singapore knowing that the sky was the limit.


Wondering if Fit Chill Out is for you?

Beata believes that happiness lies within ourselves and it is for us to grab and run with.

Laughter, exercise, training, energy are all limitless and for everyone.

There is no one type of person that Fit Chill Out Retreats are for, they are inclusive and designed so that you, yes you, can get the best for you. Not the best of what we feel we should have or the life we should be living, but the one that is for you.

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