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Feeling out of control every once in a while is normal….Yes

What about having this feeling every day ~ bouncing between restriction & splurging, feeling on track then off track, constantly comparing yourself to others?...and obsessing over what to eat next.

Sound familiar? Yep, us too..and that’s why we’ve come together to create this this unique solution focused workshop.

Prepare to break the myths around cravings and equip yourself with the tools to put an end to the guilt, regret and cravings for good.

Put an end to cravings, for good!

Cravings workshop

Nutrition & Coaching Workshop

What does the Gut Health mean? Is it true that there is Gut - Brain connection?

Tuesday 11-December at 7pm


What to bring?
Pen & Paper plus big dose of curiosity.

Where to meet?

What is the price?
It’s 80 SGD per person. Bookings are required.

Want to ask question?
Shoot, we are ready to answer it all. Click the contact form,

feel free to type the question and we will get back to you soonest then you think.

Cravings workshop

What you’ll:

  • Identify and understand your triggers.

  • Annihilate the toxic self-talk.

  • Tackle the root causes of your cravings~ physical, emotional, psychological, environmental.

  • Walk away with the solid tools you need to cut through the cycle of cravings and temporary solutions for good.

Come, dig deep and make the changes you need. We’ll show you how.


Who we are:

This exciting workshop is brought to you by Beata, Caoimhe & Dominique.

We are 3 wellness disruptors two nutritionists and one psychologist, pooling our shared experience, knowledge & passion to provide you with the ultimate 360 solution focused active workshop.