Dorota Rozko

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A wise girl knows her limits, a smart girl knows that she has none

Dorota is a long life lover of movement. Starting off with climbing the trees, through fitness, dance to yoga and pilates.

During her travels, studies and work in Ireland, India, Bermuda, Saudi Arabia and Singapore she’s studied various forms of movement, wellness practices and foods.

She loves food! And that was one of the reasons why she became a nutritional coach. Her favourite food ? HUMMUS! In all variations - with carrot & cucumber sticks instead of bread to keep it lighter & gluten free.

Dorota is a 500 RYT Yoga, Pilates and dance teacher and holds various personal training, fitness, nutrition, Ayurvedic qualifications as she believes it's important to work on different aspects of our bodies and the mind, using various forms of movement - suitable to your needs, likes, dislikes. So you can see her dancing to reggaeton or burlesque one day, practicing vinyasa the next day and lifting weights the other day.

Dorota has also a degree in literature & journalism which she’s still exploring and writes.

Women rights & empowerment is something she strongly feels about and gets involved in promoting those.


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Dorota Rozko