Events with Beata

We're so happy you've decided to take the step and are joining us for the personal growth events.

We've been helping people with their confidence and joy, fitness and fire amongst other things for years now and we are so happy you're on this journey with us. Please choose the event you would like to book your spot on.




feel it to heal it

Feel It To Heal It workshop

Feel It To Heal It workshop


  • Have you tried traditional counselling and felt something was missing?

  • Did you go for YOGA to calm the emotional chaos and it didn't work?

  • Are you in an endless cycle of stopping and starting?

With the right tools everyone has the power to live the life they want.

JOIN US for Emotions management COACHING & FITNESS workout

Saturday 30 March at 10-12pm




Fit Chill Out

Fit Chill Out Singapore

1 day RETREAT in Singapore

  • Dreaming about even quick but REFRESHING break?

  • Want to RELAX your mind but not by reading a book?

  • Would like to add some sweaty FITNESS workout too?

  • Don’t have time to TRAVEL to Bali?

JOIN US for our signature Fit Chill Out RETREAT - in SINGAPORE

One day to RECHARGE, One day for YOURSELF

Yoga + Coaching + Fitness

Saturday 20 April at 10-1pm




perfectionism trap

Perfectionism Trap workshop

Perfectionism Trap workshop


 COACHING workshop

Spend one evening enjoying the stretch of Body & Mind. Find out why we tend to dream about being perfect, performing great at work and being a superwoman figure in other’s eyes.

The workshop is designed to give you me-time, inspiration and provoke reflections.

Details coming very soon. Want to be the first to know the when & where? Click the button below




creative and confident

Creative & Confident workshop

Creative & Confident workshop

COACHING workshop

Express your ideas in a new outstanding way.

Build up your confidence stepping out of rigidity box.

Unleash joy and let your less creative part of you have fun.