The Gut-Brain 

Have the Gut to deal with your Mood Swings

Gut Health - Nutrition and Coaching Workshop

Nutrition & Coaching Workshop

What does the Gut Health mean? Is it true that there is Gut - Brain connection?



What to bring?
Pen & Paper plus big dose of curiosity.

Where to meet?
In Singapore :) details will be shared with you via email

What is the price?
It’s 60 SGD per person. Bookings are required.

Want to ask question?
Shoot, we are ready to answer it all. Below is the contact form,

feel free to type the question and we will get back to you soonest then you think.

Alexandra Dolibic

Alexandra Dolibic

NUTRITION with Alexandra

What to expect?

- learn more about what's the microbiome
- 10 signs you have an unhealthy gut
- find out how the gut affects your emotions
and put it all in action with 4-step to repairing the gut and restoring the body’s balance

Beata Justkowiak

Beata Justkowiak

COACHING with Beata

What to expect?

- identify the feelings of your personal emotional mixture
- connect with your needs and redefine the purpose of your emotions
- get practical tips from positive psychology on living with the emotions
- become managing master