Fit Chill Out Retreats
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Founded in 2016

Beata Justkowiak, former athlete, psychologist and life coach felt the need to create a space that was not only energising and lifting for the mind, but also the body. Throughout her life, knowing the power the mind has on the body and visa versa, she has worked to work these two together to gain clarity, inspiration and results. 

She believes happiness lies within ourselves and it is for us to grab and run with. Laughter, exercise, training, energy are all limitless and for everyone. There is no one type of person that Fit Chill Out Retreats are for, they are inclusive and designed so that you, yes you, can get the best for you. Not the best of what we feel we should have or the life we should be living, but the one that is for you.

Beata is the backbone of Fit Chill Out Retreats but she also welcomes different practitioners who are closely attuned to the needs of participants. Each practitioner, whether that be yoga, chef, personal trainer or nutritionist has been chosen because their ethos, their being and their attitude is in keeping with the important messages Beata is offering.


Current practitioners


Beata Justkowiak

Psychologist and life coach, Beata has a penchant for dark chocolate, a good belly laugh and thought provoking conversations. She moved from Poland to Singapore knowing that the sky was the limit.

Cheryl Lin

Cheryl Lin

Personal trainer and dancer, Cheryl lives to inspire self love and create a community empowered towards positive change. She is also the founder of Eat Train Love.